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Kingsley Enterprises Pty Ltd - Download a copy of the warranty statement.

Warranty Statement

Kingsley Enterprises Pty Ltd ('Kingsley') warrants to the original purchaser that the product sold or distributed by Kingsley identified below (the Product) will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the warranty period identified below commencing on the date of purchase from Kingsley ('the Warranty').

Kingsley, will rectify any defect in materials or workmanship appearing within the Warranty period by repairing or replacing the Product (at its option).

Kingsley reserves the right to determine whether the Product contains any defects in materials or workmanship covered by the Warranty.

The benefits offered by this Warranty are in addition to your rights and remedies under the Australian Consumer Law. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

How to make a warranty claim

A claim under the Warranty must be made within the Warranty period identified below, which commences on the date of purchase from Kingsley. To make a Warranty claim, the Product must be returned to the place of purchase together with proof of purchase unless otherwise agreed by Kingsley.

Any costs incurred in making a Warranty claim or returning a Product to the place of purchase are to be borne by the person making the Warranty claim unless otherwise agreed by Kingsley.


This Warranty does not cover any defect or injury caused by, or associated with improper installation or maintenance; unauthorised service, repair, modification or alteration; unsuitable physical or operating environment; electrical supply; acts of God; misuse, abuse or neglect; accidental damage, or other alterations or modifications which affect the reliability or performance of the product not attributable to a defect in materials or workmanship.

Product   -   Warranty Period
Spare Wheel Covers   -   5 Year Warranty
Mudflaps   -   5 Year Warranty
Flexy Flares   -   5 Year Warranty
Night Hawk Lights & Wiring Loom   -   1 Year Warranty
X-Bar   -   5 Year Warranty
Flexible LED Strip Lights   -   1 Year Limited Warranty
Viair Compressors and Components   -   1 Year Warranty
Power Tanks and Accessories   -   1 Year Warranty
Bushranger Compressors   -   5 Year Warranty
Onboard Air Kits and Air Tanks   -   1 Year Warranty
6,000kg Snatch Strap   -   1 Year Warranty
8,000kg Snatch Strap   -   5 Year Warranty
11,000kg Snatch Strap   -   1 Year Warranty
4,500kg Winch Extension Straps   -   5 Year Warranty
8,000kg Winch Extension Straps   -   1 Year Warranty
Tree Trunk protector   -   5 Year Warranty
Bow Shackles   -   5 Year Warranty
Recovery Hitch   -   5 Year Warranty
Drag Chains   -   5 Year Warranty
Snatch Block   -   5 Year Warranty
X-Trax II   -   5 Year Warranty
Tow Hook with Keeper   -   5 Year Warranty
Recovery Dampener   -   1 Year Warranty
Snatch Kits and components   -   1 Year Warranty
X-Packs and components   -   1 Year Warranty
X-Jack and Accessories   -   1 Year Warranty
Exhaust Jack and Accessories   -   1 Year Warranty
Emergency Hand Winch   -   5 Year Warranty
Extracta Hand Winch   -   5 Year Warranty
Vehicle Recovery Winches (12V)   -   Limited Lifetime Warranty (1 Year for electrical)
Compact Bush Saw   -   1 Year Warranty
Tri Fold Shovel   -   5 Year Warranty
Diggar - 3 Piece Shovel   -   1 Year Warranty
33 in 1 Multi-tool   -   5 Year Warranty
Wide Angle Safety Lens   -   5 Year Warranty
All Tyre Gauges   -   1 Year Warranty
Plugga II - Tyre Repair Kit   -   1 Year Warranty
Tyre Repair Kit and Replacement Strips   -   1 Year Warranty
Jet-Set Tyre Inflator   -   1 Year Warranty
Dirt Blocka Mats   -   5 Year Warranty
Mud Tamer Mats   -   3 Year Warranty
Universal Boot Saver   -   1 Year Warranty
Wagon Liners   -   5 Year Warranty
Flat Rubber Mats   -   5 Year Warranty
Timber Floors   -   5 Year Warranty
Ute Liners   -   5 Year Warranty
Deck guards   -   5 Year Warranty
Bush Paks   -   5 Year Warranty
Rack Sacks   -   5 Year Warranty
Quick Step   -   5 Year Warranty
Cargo Nets   -   1 Year Warranty
Jerry Cans   -   5 Year Warranty
Wheelie Bin   -   5 Year Warranty
Hot Water Shower and Accessories   -   1 Year Warranty
Open Sky Rooftop Tents and Accessories   -   1 Year Warranty
Open Sky Awnings and Accessories   -   1 Year Warranty
Blue Gum Tents and Accessories   -   1 Year Warranty
Anchor Track and Accessories   -   5 Year Warranty
Cargo Bar   -   1 Year Warranty
Ute Tie-Downs   -   5 Year Warranty
Stepboards   -   5 Year Warranty
Integra Steps   -   5 Year Warranty
Blade Runner Steps   -   5 Year Warranty
Van Windows   -   Lifetime Warranty
Sliding Windows   -   Lifetime Warranty
Jet-tec Windows   -   Lifetime Warranty
Window Fitting Components, Tools and Accessories   -   Lifetime Warranty


Kingsley Enterprises Pty Ltd
6A Brooks Road Ingleburn NSW 2565
PO Box 6007, Minto BC, NSW Australia 2566
Telephone: Australia: 1800 654 767 or International (+612) 8700 0400
Email: sales@kingsleyenterprises.com.au

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